Lea Korsgaard

cofondatrice e direttrice Zetland

Lea Korsgaard is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Zetland, a Danish media company dedicated to journalism as a force of good, now counting more than 40,000 paying and 50+ full-time staff. Zetland's innovative approach to bringing text and audio together and a deep engagement with its audience now serves as the platform for not only the daily journalism, but also a publishing house and the subsidiary Good Tape that provide secure AI transcription service used by journalists in more than 100 countries. Lea spends most of her time navigating the intersection between journalism, creativity, technology and business development, always with a dedicated focus on the needs and aspirations of those that the media are here to serve: The public. Lea is the author of several books, among them the highly praised The Media User's Manual to the Age of Lies. She is also chairman of the board at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX.

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