Mustafa Nayem

co-fondatore Hromadske.TV

Mustafa Nayem is a Ukrainian journalist and public figure. A former journalist of newspaper Kommersant-Ukrainy and the TVi channel, he is currently working with the internet newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda and also participates in the "Stop the censorship” Ukrainian journalist movement. When in late April 2013 he left the Tvi channel, due to a conflict with the new management, he (with colleagues who also left the channel) set up a "web project in which we will do the same job". Some time later this project was announced under the name Hromadske.TV.

Mustafa was one of the first to summon (in a Facebook post) Ukrainians to gather in Independence Square in Kiev to protest against the government’s decision to stop preparations for signing an association agreement with the European Union. It was the start of the Euromaidan protests which led to the overthrow of the Yanukovich government.

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