Julie Posetti

VP global research International Center for Journalists

Julie Posetti is VP of Global Research at the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and Professor of Journalism at City, University of London. She is a multi award-winning internationally published Australian journalist and academic with over three decades of experience. Posetti leads the Online Violence Project and research for the Disarming Disinformation Project at ICFJ. She has also led several major UN-commissioned studies in the fields of disinformation, freedom of expression and the safety of journalists.

She is the author of Protecting Journalism Sources in the Digital Age (UNESCO, 2017), lead author of The Chilling: A Global Study of Online Violence Against Women Journalists (UNESCO/ICFJ: 2022) and Guidelines for Monitoring Online Violence Against Female Journalists (OSCE, 2023), and co-author of Journalism, 'Fake News' and Disinformation (UNESCO, 2018) and Balancing Act: Countering Digital Disinformation While Respecting Freedom of Expression (UNESCO, 2020). She is also the author of multiple academic book chapters and papers, and her journalism has been published by The Washington Post, Foreign Policy. The Atlantic, the BBC, the ABC, The Guardian, and the Sydney Morning Herald, among others.

Posetti sits on the Board of the International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM) and the Advisory Board of the Global Partnership for Action on Online Gender Based Abuse. She is a Senior Researcher affiliated with the Centre for Freedom of the Media and a Research Associate with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

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